B course

【D course】51 km Beach cycling. (kujukuri-beach via Shibayama Haniwa Road)

Departure from Narita Airport (NRT) Arriving time:6:00-10:00
Departure from Narita city hotel or Inzai city hotel Meeting time:7:00-10:00
Departure from Chiba-Newtown Chuo Station Meeting time:9:00


51km course
Experience Haniwa road where haniwa is decorated
Experience Kido-river road where is winding and quiet
Visit Kujukuri Beach facing the Pacific Ocean
…and more!


When we visit the hotel entrance where you are staying, we will bring you road bikes and other at your designated meeting time.
When we visit the airport terminal where you arrive, we will bring you a road bike and others 40 minutes after the arrival flight and carry you to the nearby departure point.


Check in
Meeting at our departure point
Please register and get ready for the Tour.
We will give you general guidelines for this Tour for you.
Please note that if you late for the check in time, we may not be able to wait for you.




Short break at Shibayama-Haniwa road and


Break at Kujukuri-beachi Hasunuma Beach Park Observatory




Short break at Kido-river-road.


Lunch time at Sammu-city or Kujukuri-town




Short Break at Kido-river road


Our Departure Point Goal


Please get ready to back.

Meeting point of Narita airport terminal
In case of waiting for a hotel, we will meet the hotel entrance at your designated time.


¥12,000 (Tax, rental bike, helmet, groves, cycling ware, bottledwater and guide
You can pay by cash, credit card or QR code.
Cash: Japanese yen
Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover

Total journey



Max 4 people Min 2 person .Only 1 Group a day
You can book for this tour alone, but it costs 2 people.


Prior reservation is needed by 17:00 of the day before each Tour.


No cancellation charge .Please give us an e-mail or call in advance.
If you’d like to cancel the tour, please let us know in advance,
By request, we will bring you up at Narita / Inzai city hotel or Narita Yukawa station /Chiba New Town Chuo station or Narita Airport Terminal.
There are some guests on the waiting list.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation
Please come wear sneakers. You will not able to participate in sandals and heels.
For your safety, please follow the instructions given by the tour guide.
Depending on the conditions the route may change.
— Further questions, please see ‘FAQ’ page

We will have 5min break every 30 min.