K course

21km 3 hours Short cycling via Saoyama
We teach sports bike riding and traffic manners for cycling.
And go to Satoyama and river.

【K course】Short Cycling via Satoyama


・ 21km 3 hours Short cycling for Beginner.
・ We will operate with safety and cleanliness as our top priority.
・ We teach sports bike riding and traffic manners for cycling.
・ We run mainly on bicycle run lane.
・ Visit Yachiyo City Road Station via Chiba flowers hill Park.
・ The course may be shorter depending on the physical strength of the child.
・ We lend cross bikes, helmets and gloves.
・Participation by bringing in a sports bike with a transmission is also OK.
 (We will lend you if you do not have helmets and gloves)


We will pick up you at Chiba new town chuo station (HS12) north rotary by SUV.
Or please come to our company directly. 3-22-2 Sakuradai, Shirai City, Chiba Prefecture.
Check in at our company
https://naritacyclingtour.com/access/ 【company】
Payment of tour price, bike size adjustment


We will explain how to ride a motorcycle and traffic manners.


Arriving at Chiba flowers hill Parks.
Short break.


Arriving Road Station Yachiyo.
Short break.


Arriving at Chiba flowers hill Parks.
Short break.


Arrived at the starting point and returned the cross bike and safety equipment.
Pick up your luggage.
Please come to pick up the children at 12:00.


Adult 1: 8,000yen Adult2: 12,800yen Adult3:19,200yen Child1:5,600yen Adult1+Child1:11,000yen Adult2+Child1:16,000yen Adult2+Children2:20,000yen
Child:6-15years old
Tax, rental bike, helmet, groves and bottled water and guide included.
You can pay by cash, credit card or QR code.
Cash: Japanese yen
Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
QR code: PAYPAY,Alipay,We Chat Pay

Total journey



Max 5 people, Min 1 person


Prior reservation is needed by 20:00 of the day before each Tour.


100% cancellation charge:No show after starting time
No cancellation charge .Please give us an e-mail or call in advance.
If you’d like to cancel the tour, please let us know in advance,
There are some guests on the waiting list.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Other notes

Please come wear sneakers.
For your safety, please follow the instructions given by the tour guide.
Depending on the conditions the route may change.
— Further questions, please see ‘FAQ’ page

・We will have 5min break every 30 min.
・We do not pick up this courses.
 (Please contact us if you wish.pick up at Chiba-newtown-chuo station north rotary at 9:40)
Action to COVID-19 
・We are limited to one group per day (maximum 4 people). One set of reservations will be fully booked.
・Before and after cycling, we will ask you to wash your hands with soap. We will prepare soap.
・We always leave more than 2m between tours.
・We sanitize cross bikes, helmets, eyewear, gloves, cycling wear, tables, chairs, washrooms, and changing rooms.
・We are preparing a UV cut face mask.
・Please cooperate with wearing a mask before visiting.
・At the time of transfer, we open the car window and ventilate.
・We recommend that you come directly to the starting point. There is a parking lot.
・Please submit the email addresses of all the participants.