Important matter instructions

March 14, 2019

  1. Guide instructions
  2. You follow the instructions in the guide. If you do not follow the instructions in the guide, you will have to leave the tour. In that case, we will not refund you.

  3. Change and cancellation
  4. If you do not follow the guide’s instructions, the guide has the right to leave you on tour.
    In that case, we will not refund you

  5. In case of being late
  6. If you are late for a pick-up car at Chiba New Town Central Station, please come by 10:00
    to the office. If you do not meet 10:00, we will treat you as canceled

  7. Qualification
  8. We are qualified to be those who are 10 years old and over 140 cm tall and have
    experienced  riding bicycles. At the time of reception,If you find that you do not meet the
    qualifications,  we will cancel it.

  9. Alcohol intake
  10. We will cancel the tour if you have consumed alcohol. If you consume alcohol during the
    tour, you will be taken off the tour. In that case we will not refund you.

  11. Smoking
  12. Please refrain from smoking in the office site. During the tour the guide will tell you where to smoke.

  13. 7. Clothing
  14. You are free to dress. Please participate in clothes that are easy to exercise. We also offer cycling wear.

  15. Shoes
  16. Please prepare string shoes such as sneakers. you can not participate in sandals and

  17. Valuables
  18. You should always wear valuables. Please manage at your own risk. We can not take responsibility.

  19. Lost and found
  20. We keep lost items for a week. After that, we will dispose of it.

  21. Rental items
  22. Please use the rental products carefully. If you lose or damage a rental item, we will charge you for compensation. The compensation costs are as follows.
    Cross bike: 100,000 yen Wheel: 15,000 yen Light: 5,000 yen Bottle 2,000 yen
    Helmet: 10,000 yen Cycling wear: 15,000 yen Glove: 5,000 yen
    Front bag: 5,000 yen Saddle back: 5,000 yen Saddle cover: 5,000 yen

  23. Insurance
  24. We have medical insurance and personal liability insurance. Please note that the insurance benefit is not enough to cover all your medical expense and personal liability expense when it needed. We also recommend you have your own travel insurance from your country that widely covers your risk.

If there is any contradiction between what the English language version of the Terms says and Japanese language version says, then the Japanese language version shall take precedence.