Chiba New Town

40 minutes from Tokyo (Asakusa Station) by access limited express.
20 minutes from Narita Airport (Airport 2nd Building) by access limited express.
Chiba New Town is called Rurban Town (Rural and Urban)
In this area, there are many financial institutions, telecommunications carriers’ data centers and offices.
As they are resistant to disasters and have excellent access from central Tokyo.
This town has grown as a bedtown.
There are commercial facilities and financial institutions around the station. Roads is maintained in a plan. So there is no traffic jam.
This town has been chosen for the 7th consecutive year as the city No. 1 you want to live on. There is also the public bath, so it is comfortable to have a sweat after the cycling tour.
Tega-numa, Tone-river, Imba-lake are dotted in the outskirts, and cycling road is maintained in each river.
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Narita city

Located at Narita Airport. 5 minutes by train from the airport,
you will arrive at JR Narita Station Keisei Narita Station.
After a 15-minute walk along Omotesando in front of the station,
you will arrive at Japan’s most famous temple, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.
Narita prospered as a monzen town.
Narita Airport and Tokyo Narita New Town are located on the east side of JR Narita Station,
and people who commute to Tokyo or Narita Airport live there. There are shopping malls and restaurants.
If you ride about 15 minutes by bicycle from New Town,
you will find landscapes surrounded by nature, such as countryside and Imba-swamp.
Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
This temple was founded over 1000 years ago.
For Hatsumode (the custom of visiting shrines and temples at the beginning of the year in Japan),
Naritasan is the most visited temple in Japan.
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Located east of Narita Airport. There is the best fishing port in Japan.
Prospered with fishing and oil for more than 300 years.
There are many famous places with beautiful scenery.
There are several restaurants and shops that use fresh fish in the downtown area near Togawa Fishing Port,
so you can eat reasonable and delicious fish dishes.
Iinuma Kannon
A shrine that prays for the safety of fisheries.
The main hall, the five-storied pagoda and the Great Buddha are famous.
Kimigahama Beach
Since it is the easternmost part of the Kanto region,
it is famous for its first sunrise (in Japan, it is customary to see the sunrise in the New Year).
Inubosaki Lighthouse
The oldest lighthouse made in Japan opened 150 years ago.
This is the second height in Japan.
Observation deck where the earth looks round
The sea is visible more than 270 degrees from the height of 90m,
so you can see that the earth is round.
You can also see Kujukuri long beach and a huge group of wind generators.
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Located southwest of Narita Airport.
Cycling along the Kido River while watching the countryside,
you will arrive at a famous strawberry field in Japan.
Strawberries are grown from December to May.
And we arrive at the tree-lined avenue.
From March to April, rape and cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
As you ride the coastal road you will arrive at the famous Fudodo beach for surfing.
The next Ichinomiya beach is the surfing venue for the Tokyo Olympics.
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Katori city

Located northeast of Narita Airport.
It is famous for preserving the cityscape of the Edo period.
Developed as a trading town connecting Choshi and Tokyo 400 years ago.
Suigo Sawara
Townscape of riverside merchants, preservation area of important national buildings.
There is Ino Tadataka Memorial Museum who made a map of Japan.
Katori Shrine
A famous shrine that was built 1300 years ago alongside Ise Jingu and Kashima Jingu.
In Edo period worshipers visited the shrine from Tone river.
It is also famous as one of Japan’s leading power spots.
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Itako city

Located northeast of Narita Airport.
The city is famous for its water towns facing Kasumigaura lake, Kitaura lake and Hitachi Tone river.
It prospered as a port town of Tonegawa Water Transportation in the Edo period and became part of Japan national park.
It is very famous “The bride of Itako” whose bride passes through a waterway.
Iris garden
The irises of Itako are well known, and white, purple and yellow flowers bloom in the garden near the sluice.
The best time is from May to June. Nearby is the historic district, such as the Tsugaru Riverbank.
Choshoji Temple
The temple was established as an important cultural property about 900 years ago.
Plum blossoms are famous.
Yokotone Lock
A lock made of brick and stone.
The structure that inherited the tradition of European locks is famous
and is an important cultural property of the country.
The surrounding park has cherry blossoms.
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Sakura city

Located southwest of Narita Airport.
Prospered as a castle town 400 years ago, and 200 years ago,
it is famous as a city of Western medicine, just like Nagasaki.
Now it’s a bed town commuting to Tokyo.
Inba Numa has a popular cycling road and is a city rich in nature.
Sakura oldness and open space
It is located near Imba swamp.
Due to a close connection with the Netherlands,
the Dutch windmill was relocated and there are gardens around the four seasons.
Famous are the tulips that bloom in April, the sunflowers that bloom in July,
and the cosmos that bloom in October.
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